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Finally, A Print Magazine Dedicated To The Everyday Athlete

Published monthly and only in print, the beautifully designed and carefully curated content is dedicated to the world of intelligent fitness solutions and the people that dedicate their lives to them.

More Than 50,000 People Agree: Strength Matters Is Different

Over the years we've seen the fad workouts and diets come and go. Strength Matters is for people who see through the fads, diets and industry nonsense and just want something that works. We offer a simple no-nonsense approach that you can trust and a global support network that is there for you 24/7.

Great Brand Partnerships

Unique brands work with us through carefully crafted partnership, advertising and sponsorship collaborations that integrate into the magazine structure to enhance the reading experience.

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World-Class Contributors

Great content is impossible without talented writers, photographers and illustrators. Have an idea that needs to be in the Strength Matters Magazine? Share it with us!


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Our stockists are growing as fast as we are. From an initial circulation of only 500 to our most recent print run of 10,000 copies, we’re well on our way to caffeine-based world domination.

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